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If you’re visiting Myrtle Beach and planning to do some metal detecting, please be aware of the rules. The City of Myrtle Beach had passed new guidelines (May 2021) and under the new rules, it is now illegal to dig a hole deeper than two feet on the beach and no holes can be left unfilled. In addition, metal shovels are no longer permitted for digging at the beach. Metal sand scoops are permitted while metal detecting. We have also noticed there has been some confusion about the “area” of Myrtle Beach with vacationers. The City of Myrtle Beach has about 10 miles of shoreline. North Myrtle Beach is not a northern section of Myrtle Beach it is a completely different City with basically the same rules except smoking on the beach is prohibited. Now let’s address the area that some folks call The Grand Strand. The term “The Grand Strand” refers to roughly 60 miles of beach land that extends along the coast of the Carolinas. Metal detecting rules will vary throughout The Grand Strand as listed below. 


Metal Detecting is permitted day or night. This does not include the dunes, always stay off the dunes and do not dig near them. City Parks are also off limits.
1.  Ocean Isle Beach, NC - Metal Detecting is permitted.
2.  Sunset Beach/Bird Island, NC - (southern tip in SC) is part of the North Carolina Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research Reserve. Metal Detecting is permitted on the beach area only.
3.  Cherry Grove Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted.
4.  North Myrtle Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted, $100 fine for not filling in any holes left open or digging deeper than two feet on the beach. Smoking is also prohibited. 
5.  Atlantic Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted.
6.  Briarcliffe Acres, SC Beach - Metal Detecting is permitted.
7.  Apache Pier, SC Area - Metal Detecting is permitted.
8.  Ocean Club Grande Dunes, SC Beach Area (Myrtle Beach) SC access by 82nd Ave North - Metal Detecting is permitted.
9. Myrtle Beach (inside the city limits) Metal Detecting is permitted, $100 fine for not filling in any holes left open or digging deeper than two feet. Metal shovels are now prohibited for general use, but a metal shovel or sand scoop is permitted while metal detecting ONLY.
10.  Everything south of 82nd Ave North (Myrtle Beach) all the way down to Myrtle Beach State Park, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted. The State Park will permit metal detecting on the beach only.
11.  Pirate Land Campground, SC Beach Area and Ocean Lakes Campground, SC Beach Areas - Metal Detecting is permitted on the beach, but you will need to be a guest of the said facility for easy access to the beach. If not a guest you still may lawfully access the beach area only by walking up the beach/coastline from the south end or down the beach/coastline from the north end. You will be trespassing if you exit the beach and enter either campground. This can be quite a long walk, be sure to check a map before doing this.
12.  Surfside Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted, and there is a no smoking policy in public areas.
13.  Garden City Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted.
14.  Huntington Beach State Park, SC - Beach detecting only with special park authorization.
15.  Litchfield by the Sea Beach, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted.
16.  Pawleys Island, SC - Metal Detecting is permitted. The north end of the Island has a gated community and the beach can be legally accessed by walking up the beach/coastline or if you’re a guest of the community. If you enter the community from the beach you will be trespassing.

Finding available parking at many of these locations can be difficult during peak season. You’ll find early morning and late afternoon will be the best time for finding an open parking place. For more information about public beach accesses, parking locations, restrooms and a lot more we recommend visiting the HorryCounty.org website. You also might want to see the Dhec website with an interactive map showing each access point. For ALL Beach Rules & Regulations like pets, fireworks, alcohol etc. please see HorryCounty.org/About-Our-Beaches  

As always, be safe and happy hunting!

Metal Detecting Myrtle Beach SC

JUNE 21, 2024

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Beach Hunting Season 35 officially kicks-off on the first day of summer and ends on the last, however many of us just recognize this as the best time of year for beach detecting. Several LMS Group Members live in the Myrtle Beach area and detect regularly throughout the year, and others mainly hunt the beaches when it gets too hot for Relic Hunting. In fact we we sometimes beach hunt at night when there are less people on the beach and the temperatures are a little more forgiving.

Please remember to always follow the Metal Detecting Code of Ethics. Before beginning you should always be aware of the legal requirements for your area, this could involve federal, state, county and/or local legislation. It would be very difficult to list, and keep up to date, with all the legislation for each region in one location, therefore we recommend that if you are unfamiliar with the legislation in your particular area please take the time to learn it. 

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