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How To Start The Recovery Process

If you have just lost an expensive item on the beach, immediately take note of your surroundings. It is important to accurately remember where you lost the item. If possible use your smart phone and ask it “what is my exact location?” Google Maps will show you a map with the coordinates. (Screenshot this map) If you’re not very good at stuff like that then look for landmarks like hotels, beach access areas, and mark the location if possible. Text message and call the LMS Metal Detecting office at (843)-457-2795 and leave a message, if your call was not answered then proceed to use the contact form below.

It is entirely possible one of us is already nearby on the beach and available to assist. The process generally gets moving pretty quickly but depending on the situation it might take some time to recover the lost item. Unfortunately we can’t control the tides.  

Recovery Cost / Terms & Policy

Time is money therefor we will ask for a minimum $100 finder’s fee only if your ring is found. This should be paid in cash to the person that has found your ring, not LMS Metal Detecting. Some recoveries can be very tough and may gain more traction with help from you by adding a reward of a higher amount. This normally happens when several detectorists have not been able to locate the ring due to strong riptides or lost in a vast area. Please understand there are no guarantees that your lost ring will be found.

In some rare cases the lost ring will turn up several weeks later and the detectorist that finds it may not have a clue who it belongs to. But in many cases when a ring has a substantial reward attached to it all of the fellas throughout the metal detecting community hear about it and you stand a much higher chance of it being safely returned to you.

Other Randomly Found Lost Rings

If you have lost a ring on the beach we recommend joining our private facebook group where several hundred lost rings are posted each year. We do not actively try to return randomly found rings. It would be a daunting task with the amount found. Our policy is to post them on our social media platform where the responsibility falls onto the proper owner to check in and see if their ring was possibly found. Claiming a lost ring will require some correct information. The date the ring was lost, the location, and sometimes a needed description of engravings etc. Just send a private message to the detectorist that found the ring. Randomly guessing is not tolerated and will result in an indefinite removal from the private facebook group page. There is no guarantee that your ring will still be available as they sometimes are sold off to gold buyers.  

LMS Metal Detecting Thank you

A special thank you to the friends we have made throughout our travels. We truly appreciate your support, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us with your property. We sincerely hope you are satisfied with your experience and will recommend us in the future.

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