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Low Country Treasure Hunters of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, and the Florida Coastline joined together over 30 years ago founding the Group LMS Metal Detecting. We are located in Murrells Inlet, SC and travel all over the eastern U.S. All of our members share a high standard of ethics to save and preserve the history that was lost, hidden, or just left behind. Our reputation with private land owners, commercial properties, big game hunting clubs, historical societies, and preservation organizations speaks volumes of our dedication to the path of success with working together and recovering what was once lost, or even thought to have happened in a certain location.


Before beginning metal detecting one must always be aware of the legal requirements for your area, this could involve federal, state, county and/or local legislation. It would be very difficult to list, and keep up to date, with all the legislation for each region in one location. Therefore, we recommend that if you are unfamiliar with the legislation in your particular area please take the time to learn it.

We recommend that you join a metal detecting club or association that encourages responsible metal detecting to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from this diverse and rewarding activity.

Do not trespass; always respect private property and do no metal detecting without the owner's permission.

It is advisable to get permission in writing, and to get agreement in writing first to avoid disputes regarding the ownership of any subsequent finds.

Never do anything that might contaminate wells, creeks or other water supplies.

Respect the country code, leave gates as they are found, do not damage crops, never deliberately disturb wild or domestic animals.

Never litter, always gather or collect any trash or debris you create or find.

Leave as little sign of your passing as possible.

Always use the correct digging or probing equipment to make the least intrusion or marks.

Always fill in your holes, including ploughed fields.

Never throw trash finds back in the hole.

Report the discovery of any items of possible significant historical value to a local historian or museum in accordance with the latest legislation of your area if private land owner agrees.

Never go metal detecting around archaeological monuments or cemeteries.

Report any live ammunition or other potentially lethal objects you may find to authorities after carefully noting or marking the location. Do not attempt to move or interfere with any such devices.

Report all finds to the landowner/occupier.


LMS Metal Detecting is not a club with dues or regularly scheduled meetings that require attendance. We are a group of good friends that get together metal detecting when possible while sharing sites and information about what was found. Not all scheduled hunts are group associated as we also enjoy our individual hunting sites as well. We are often asked how does one join the group, and you were most likely told to take a look at the website because there really is no direct answer to the question. Consider this, you just wouldn't ask how do I become your friend because it just kind of happens as you get to know someone building trust and respect for one another. There aren't any defined rules on how it's done, It just happens over time by staying connected with any of us and just becoming friends with everyone. We don't care if you're an old pro, or just starting out with an inexpensive metal detector. We are happy to include new folks on beach hunts and relic hunts when we have the extra room on a site. The best way to get started is probably by joining our private Facebook group and getting involved in the conversations. Don't be shy, ask questions when you have them, or post some metal detecting finds if you’re also a detectorist.
You don't need to be a local that goes hunting with us all of the time to become a respected member of the group.

LMS Metal Detecting Thank you

A special thank you to the friends we have made throughout our travels. We truly appreciate your support, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us with your property. We sincerely hope you are satisfied with your experience and will recommend us in the future.

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