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Low Country Treasure Hunters of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, and the Florida Coastline joined together over 30 years ago founding the Group LMS Metal Detecting. We are located in Murrells Inlet, SC and travel all over the eastern U.S.  All of our members share a high standard of ethics to save and preserve the history that was lost, hidden, or just left behind. Our reputation with private land owners, commercial properties, big game hunting clubs, historical societies, and preservation organizations speaks volumes of our dedication to the path of success with working together and recovering what was once lost, or even thought to have happened in a certain location.


Metal Detecting Course

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Metal detecting is a way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and maybe even make some money while you are at it. We are lucky in this area to have the beach as well as historic areas available to us because beach detecting and relic detecting are almost like two separate hobbies. Both use different techniques, research and can even use different detectors. This course will go into detail on the similarities and differences in the two types of detecting, including equipment, research, getting permission to hunt, what to do with your finds, etc. Class members may be invited to go along on some beach hunting trips and perhaps some relic hunting on an optional basis. Metal detectors are not needed for the course but those that already own detectors may learn something new about them, if you don't own one yet you will get a good idea of what you should look for.

LMS Metal Detecting Mail


Thank you for your responsiveness and taking the time to learn more about us, we look forward to the opportunities ahead. 

If you were contacted by LMS Metal Detecting and would like more information about the process and/or safety concerns, we have listed some straightforward answers to questions that are frequently asked. For example, many land owners are excited about the opportunity and would like to metal detect their property as well, but may not have the necessary equipment and/or wish to properly learn how. We completely understand and will be happy to spend one-on-one time with you until you're ready to metal detect right along with us.

Even if you haven’t been contacted by us and wish to learn more we truly appreciate your interest and hope to hear from you soon.

LMS Metal Detecting About Us


The group LMS Metal Detecting formed around the year 1989 in Central North Carolina, while largely traveling the western foothills of NC we could often be found in Virginia over long holiday weekends as well. In 1999 we became more focused on the coastal plains of Georgia and South Carolina, this was around the time when we coined the term “Road Trip”. These were the days we often spent more time driving than Metal Detecting. The relic hunting was good but it became clear we needed to expand our base. Two years later in 2001 we moved our main operations center to Pawleys Island, SC where we were more centrally located to our overall metal detecting sites from Florida up into West Virginia. Shortly thereafter we moved again to our nearby current location Murrells Inlet, SC. So our base location has changed a few times over the last 30 years, but rest assured if you have old mailers or business cards with the name LMS Metal Detecting you’re in the right place and we welcome your curiosity. Are you interested in learning the history of your property? Would you like to be involved in the process of finding out? Then schedule some quality time with us by using our contact form, social media stuff, or just give us a call at 843-457-2795 or learn more about us here.


Responsible Metal Detecting

Our code of ethics for responsible metal detecting is very important to us and is always followed to protect our unspoiled reputation with following federal, state, county and local guidelines. Private landowners should never expect anything less while allowing any metal detectorist on your property. We strongly recommend that each and every member read it, and understand its importance to our future success.

LMS Metal Detecting Code of Ethics
Myrtle Beach Sand Scoops

Serving Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Areas

After 30 years of Beach Hunting you learn things that make a big difference with your success rate, and let me tell you the time you spend digging for each target can have a major impact on your overall success. Did you know a good beach recovery speed is normally less than one or two minutes from first hearing the target to filling the hole back in? A good quality sand scoop plays a large role in this. 

Understandably you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a sand scoop if you didn’t visit the beach very often, so LMS Metal Detecting (literally) answered the call for need. We have been contacted so many times about sand scoops that we began leasing them out last year. These are high quality stainless steel sand scoops that are designed to be strong with a lightweight fiberglass or carbon fiber handle. They are also made with the proper angel of approach for maximum comfort that your back will appreciate. We will deliver the sand scoop right to the resort where you are staying at with a minimum two day lease. Long weekend rates and full weekly rates are also available.

New custom Pro-Fortis sand scoops are now available to purchase!


LMS Metal Detecting is not a club with dues or regularly scheduled meetings that require attendance. We are a group of good friends that get together metal detecting when possible while sharing sites and information about what was found. Not all scheduled hunts are group associated as we also enjoy our individual hunting sites as well. We are often asked how does one join the group, and you were most likely told to take a look at the website because there really is no direct answer to the question. Consider this, you just wouldn't ask how do I become your friend because it just kind of happens as you get to know someone building trust and respect for one another. There aren't any defined rules on how it's done, It just happens over time by staying connected with any of us and just becoming friends with everyone. We don't care if you're an old pro, or just starting out with an inexpensive metal detector. We are happy to include new folks on beach hunts and relic hunts when we have the extra room on a site. The best way to get started is probably by joining our private Facebook group and getting involved in the conversations. Don't be shy, ask questions when you have them, or post some metal detecting finds if you’re also a detectorist.
You don't need to be a local that goes hunting with us all of the time to become a respected member of the group.

LMS Metal Detecting Gear Talk

Getting Into Gear Questions That Are So Frequently Asked

Folks we understand… If you’re new to Metal Detecting or have just been out of the game for several years it can be a little overwhelming with the choices now offered, and not to mention the prices ranges. We cover a lot of information in this area about the gear we use and the most popular choices, some of which are included with tips that just might move you in the right direction for a great day outside Metal Detecting.

LMS Metal Detecting Lost Ring Finders


Have you lost a special ring on the beach and looking for emergency recovery help? LMS Metal Detecting is located in the Myrtle Beach, SC area and can help you. Contact Us ASAP for recovery help.

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LMS Metal Detecting
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LMS Metal Detecting Thank you

A special thank you to the friends we have made throughout our travels. We truly appreciate your support, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us with your property. We sincerely hope you are satisfied with your experience and will recommend us in the future.

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