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Here are some great tips that will help any detectorists get in the zone. If you haven't already read the metal detecting code of ethics, we recommend it. We won't be listing fundamentals like that throughout the tips however, they are important and should be followed.
Code Of Ethics
There are many different areas you'll want to hunt with your metal detector, and the thrill of recovering older more valuable items can greatly be reliant on where you go. I know… "no kidding" right! So how do you find good places and get permission?

The answer is research
, anywhere you can research material like your local library or the Internet to get the info you need. Your best results will come from the library, and then you may need to expand a bit more with the internet. If you don't know how to use the library's resources then suck it up buttercup and ask the manned librarian for help. There's never any shame in asking for help, it just broadens your
mind and widens your horizons. He/she will point you to a wealth of information about your area and you'll be well on your way to finding some great areas to hunt.  Be sure to take a notebook with you as well.

Great, you've found the perfect place to detect and now need to obtain permission. If the librarian was not able to assist with information regarding the ownership of properties, try a Google search with criteria of; your city or town online parcel information. You will be looking for a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) map server. That will get you moving in the right direction depending on your area's online information; keep in mind you may need to take a trip to the local register of deeds or if the owner is living on the property you might just want to knock on his/her door and graciously ask. Other tips regarding Obtaining Property Permissions located to the left or just click here.

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