Metal Detectors
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WHAT IS THE BEST METAL DETECTOR It's one of the most asked questions second to, "have you found anything good"? There is an endless amount of information about it on the internet, and you could read all of it and still not have a clear answer. Simply put, the one you know how to use is the "best". Having a $2500 detector will not get you in the zone any better than a cheap one unless you know how to properly use it. High end detectors can be quite complex with many settings and have a negative effect if not set properly to the conditions at hand while less expensive ones are much easier to learn and set-up properly. Is there a difference? Absolutely... high end detectors will indicate target depth, type of metal, and even the size of the target. They run a wider range of frequencies at the same time determining or predicting the target based on a set of values given when the coil has passed over an object.

the answer may define what kind of metal detector you'll want to be using. If you plan to metal detect on a dry ground site like your own back yard, parks, playgrounds, old school yards, fishing and hunting camps, or hunt near the edge of the water around lakes and rivers for lost rings, coins, and jewelry, then an all-purpose metal detector is the one for you. Most new all-purpose metal detectors have waterproof search coils that are safe for shallow fresh water. However, if you're heading out to the coast and want to wade through the ocean with your metal detector, you'll need to make sure you have a machine that can handle these corrosive conditions. You'll want to look for a detector that is fully submersible, water-tight, and is manufactured to cancel out heavy minerals signals in salt water and on a wet sandy beach. If you want to prospect for natural gold nuggets and flakes, you'll need a detector that operates at a high frequency and will signal on very small targets. The bottom line here is you'll need to do some homework and buy the right metal detector for what you're trying to find with it. We recommend talking with folks from trusted retail stores that have a broad knowledgebase of the many different types of metal detectors. We have listed a few here that we use, and consider to be the best. We also recommend reading some reviews from other folks that have purchased a product you may be interested in buying.

AUTO TRACKING is great, but manually ground balance often... your detector will perform better.

ELECTRIC FENCE LINES nearby will sometimes cause metal detectors to go crazy with false readings. Keep an eye out for them and stay away. Some systems can pack quite a jolt and shock the hell out of you.

BATTERIES have an extra set with you at all times because you're hunting buddies will most likely need them, and always hide some for yourself too.

-  More tips on Metal Detectors coming soon.

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