Beach Lost Jewelry - What to do:
     What to do when you've lost your Jewelry

If you have just lost an expensive item on the beach, immediately take note of your surroundings. It is important to know where you are on the beach. Look for landmarks like hotels and beach access areas or private access docks..

-  If possible stay in the area you lost the item until someone can help you. If you have your mobile phone with you call us right away at 843-450-0902

-  If someone on the beach nearby is metal detecting contact them and tell them what you have lost. They might be inexperienced and without proper equipment, but quite possibly be able to find what you have lost. However, don't put off contacting people that have proper equipment and knowhow.

Understand the recovery likelihood. If you have lost the item in dry sand above or in the towel line there is a high recovery rate. Lost in the shallow tide and approaching a low tide phase there is still a good/fair chance of recovery. Same conditions and approaching a high tide phase well, not so good. It would then be recommended checking the area again 6 hours later in a low tide phase. The size of the area you have lost the item in also greatly will affect the recovery likelihood. "Somewhere down the beach" is quite a large area.

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