Permission Tips
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Obtaining permission to metal detect on one's property can be difficult. After all you are asking to dig-up their land… Our best results have been using the following guidelines. Don't ring someone's doorbell covered in dirt. Set a day aside just for "knocking and talking" wear jeans, a nice shirt and clean white tennis shoes.  No sunglasses either Hollywood, take them off. Be polite even if they are rude. Have a business card with your name, phone number, and address on it. They should immediately know you're not trying to hide anything. If possible, hand them a business card first thing while introducing yourself. If you are able to approach them outside of the home, it always seems to go a bit better. Don't expect to hunt their property the same day, they might have outbuildings that aren't locked, and don't want you around them until they have had time to prepare for strangers around their home and property. Write down their name, address, and notes about the property shortly after talking with them. If they call you later with an answer, you'll want to know their name and quickly respond to who they are and what property they are referring to. Try and keep it between 10:00am and 6:00pm or you might get a verbal lashing… After the third or fourth doorbell of the day you'll get your grove.
How are your pinpointing skills? Practice in your own yard for a while before making a real mess of your neighbor's. Once you've got the hang of pinpointing with your metal detector, get yourself in the zone with an additional handheld pinpointer. They cost around $120 and will help you find the target much faster. The picture on the left is simply unacceptable. Lol

-  More tips on obtaining property owner permissions coming soon.

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