Relic Hunting Tips
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KNOW YOUR MACHINE - If you're frustrated with the results of what you keep digging-up, take the time to learn your metal detector. You may need to setup some known targets and practice. Don't just use good targets, combine a pull-tab, bottle top, and an aluminum can (or what we call can slaw). It's also worth noting that heavy rusted iron targets will often cause a detector to bounce back different signals each time you pass the coil over them.

AUTO TRACKING is great, but manually ground balance often... your detector will perform better.

SLOW and LOW while relic hunting, remember your best find of the day might be a rather week signal burred deep and you don't want to miss it in a rush.

LOCAL HISTORICAL SOCIETIES are a great resource containing valuable information on dozens of older happenings of your town from it's very beginnings up till today... A valuable resource not to be overlooked.

PROPERTY OWNERS normally will be able to tell you important detailed information regarding the history of their land, not to mention the value of letting them know you care just by asking. It also opens a conservation that will help form a better friendship. Keep in mind, this is not the time or place to try and correct the way someone remembers history.
ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES The number one good time killer here in the south is mosquitoes and ticks. Don't forget to pack supplies you'll need to protect yourself from the elements.

ELECTRIC FENCE LINES nearby will sometimes cause metal detectors to go crazy with false readings. Keep an eye out for them and stay away. Some systems can pack quite a jolt and shock the hell out of you.

-  More tips on Relic Hunting coming soon.

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