LMS Metal Detecting

We sure hope you're here to contact us about an old property that you would like us to checkout. We just love it when that happens! However, if you have lost a special ring and need some help. Please read our recovery policy on lost jewelry below. We are able to metal detect during the night as well, so if the sun is setting on the beach don't wait until the next day to contact us. The chance of recovery greatly decreases as time passes. This includes items lost above the towel line and in the surf.

Here are some helpful tips on what you should and shouldn't do if you have just lost your jewelry on the beach.

There are no guarantees of recovering lost items.
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Lost / Recovery Policy:
You may also contact us on any of our social media outlets. If you prefer to keep your message private it's recommended to use the form on the right.
If you have recently lost an item and seeking immediate help, call 843-450-0902. You may have to leave a message, but someone will return your call shortly.  Claiming a lost item: As you could imagine, we have many folks approach us (while on the beach) asking for help finding something they've recently lost. In most cases this will be a ring or another valuable item. Our policy is to give you our information, and if the item is later found, we will post pictures of it on our social media sites. It is then your responsibility to check our site for your lost item. In some cases we may take a picture of the person in need of help, then later use that as a sure way the proper owner is claiming his/her lost item.
Who's on your property?
Are you sure you've given permission to the right folks? Has someone told you they were with LMS Metal Detecting, and asked permission to hunt on your property? Our members will normally have business cards (with our info on it) and be wearing a shirt with the LMS Metal Detecting logo on the front and back. Our newer shirts will also have the person's name printed on the left chest. Only members with these credentials are permitted to represent LMS Metal Detecting.