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permitting access to your land
Code of Ethics
 We are glad you stopped in to check us out. If you have been contacted by LMS Metal Detecting and considering our request for access to your land but would like more information about the process and/or safety concerns you might have, we have listed some straightforward answers to questions that are frequently asked. For example many land owners are excited about it and would like to metal detect their property too but don't have the equipment and would like to learn how. No worries, we will spend one on one time with you with a high quality metal detector until you're ready to hunt with us. Contact us here for more information about learning how to metal detect your property.
LMS Metal Detecting formed around the year 2000 with three founders Larry, Mike, and Scott. Although Larry has passed on we think about him all of the time. If fact Larry inspired the idea to create a website for sharing relic/beach finds and stories with others that aren't able to go metal detecting anymore. Our Facebook page is primarily used for that nowadays and the website is used for land permissions where more information about us is available off of the social medial platform. LMS Metal Detecting is not a business but has a registered trademark to protect our good reputation and others from using it unlawfully. We are a small group of well-respected and trusted friends with backgrounds of active duty and retired police officers, government security, history teachers, and you might have even seen some of us on television. We respect history, each other, and the folks that allow us on their land. Our code of ethics for responsible metal detecting is always taken seriously.

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About LMS Metal Detecting
The Group and Joining
LMS Metal Detecting is not a club with dues or regularly scheduled meetings that must be attended. We are a group of good friends that get together metal detecting when possible while sharing sites and information about what was found. Not all scheduled hunts are group associated as we also enjoy our individual hunting sites too. We are often asked by other folks "how do I join the group" and you were most likely told to take a look at the website because there really is no direct answer to the question. Consider this, you just wouldn't ask how do I become your friend because it just kind of happens as you get to know someone building trust and probably most importantly respect for one another. There aren't any defined rules on how it's done, It just happens over time by staying connected with any of us and becoming good friends with everyone. We don't care if you're an old pro or just starting out with an inexpensive metal detector. We are happy to include people that we know on beach hunts and relic hunts when we have the extra room on larger sites. You don't need to be a local that goes hunting with us all of the time to become a respected friend of the group.

The best way to get started is probably joining our private facebook group and getting involved in the conversations. So don't be shy, ask questions, post finds, whatever, just be yourself and have fun. Please don't post fake finds just to have something to say. It is very unfortunate that this even should be brought up but it has become a problem on many large facebook groups. Don't forget we have been metal detecting a very long time and can normally spot the fake stuff very quickly.