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NAME                                 LAST DATE                                AMOUNT
LMS                         07/15/18                        $19.72
LMS                         08/14/18                        $23.25
Applied Donations (opens June 21, 2018)
permitting access to your land
Code of Ethics
2018 Beach Hunting Season:  As many of you already know there is a fair amount of change lost on the beach every day. LMS Metal Detecting will be hosting hunts all beach season long to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.


A donation is not required to attend a LMS WWP Benefit Beach Hunt

Parking fees to the City of Myrtle Beach may apply depending on time of day and location

WWP Beach Hunts will begin on or after June 21, 2018 and will continue through summer ending on September 22, 2018

All donations will be collected after each benefit beach hunt with your name and total amount recorded here on the website

If you attend multiple beach hunts, there will be a running total of your contribution(s) recorded here on the website

General donations other than beach hunting finds will not be accepted, and should be pledged in your own capacity

Proof of the donation(s) in the total amount collected will also be posted here on the website just after the end of the season, or on September 22, 2018

This is NOT a competition of who can find the largest dollar amount of coins.  The only winners will be our veterans.

The WWP 2018 Summer Beach Hunts are full and have been reserved for group members and those that have already signed up. If you have any questions or want to see if we can fit you in on a particular date please use the form below. New hunt dates are added weekly and are subject to change due to weather conditions.

LMS Metal Detecting group member Mike Hile assumes all responsibility of the donations due to lost, stolen, or destroyed and willfully agrees to replace and fulfill any loss. There also is a no tax benefit pledge by Mike Hile donating the full amount in the name of LMS Metal Detecting a non-profit metal detecting group or identity.