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LMS Metal Detecting Land Lease Program

LMS Metal Detecting is in the process of looking for land to metal detect on and we will pay for it. We are one of the premier metal detecting services in the Horry/Georgetown area and we are willing to travel.

If you're a landowner with property that is accessible we will pay you up to $20 per hour or a mutually set predetermined amount to simply hunt on your property with a metal detector, it's as simple as that. Land with structures from 1930's and older are especially desired and will receive the best pay out. We do not enter the structures, and are only interested in the land around them. Listed are some examples of structures (or where they once stood) that we are most interested in metal detecting around.

    - old homesteads
    - farmhouses
    - barns
    - churches
    - country stores
    - schools
    - community centers camps

Palntations / farmland and just wooded land in general are also areas the we are interested in checking out. Not all properties will be suitable for a lease option, and you will receive cash up front. Annual, weekly, and 1 day leases are offered depending on size and other important factors.

We aren't interested in taking your great grandpa's lost pocket knife or even possibly your grandmother's lost brooch. We like finding lost artifacts and heirlooms, and believe they should be placed where someone will enjoy them. If that someone is you, then you may keep what has been found in your possession, and that is what we love doing.

We take special pride in our excavation of artifacts and relics and make sure that we leave the property just like we found it. Our extraction process is done with extreme care and professionalism and we offer a complete signed waiver and release of liability form legally protecting you the owner. What have you got to lose? Email us or call today and let us come out for a consultation and review your property. Give us the opportunity to save history so it can be enjoyed by others before it is lost forever.

Ask us about our references, we will be more than happy to give you their contact information.

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