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November Road Trip: We're trying to get the final dates scheduled and all the info together. There will soon be an announcement regarding this group trip.
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   "Heck yeah,this was a great year for Mike and I hunting on the beach. Here are some of my better finds with gold toward the front group. I returned a Clemson class ring and sold a Pandora bracelet and several gold and silver rings. I learned allot from Mike and went to his best honey holes." Happy Hunting - Barry.
Summer Of 2017 Barry Stephenson
There are many Relic Hunting permission requests still pending approval. So if you're here checking us out because we have contacted you, thank you for taking the time to research us, we hope you'll offer us the opportunity to get to know you better while continuing to enjoy the rewarding hobby of metal detecting.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We also offer all land owners a completed legal waiver and release of liability while allowing us on your property. It's our goal to respect your requirements and the property you own.
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Register for WWP Beach Hunting Summer 2018
The 2017 WWP Summer Beach Hunts have been rescheduled for next year due to legal delays. Apparently it takes much longer than we originally thought to legally host something like this. If you have already signed up to join in this year's hunts then you will still be notified of the extended scheduled dates in the upcoming 2018 season. WWP Beach Hunts are scheduled to begin on June 21, 2018 and will continue through summer ending on September 22, 2018. Register to help our Wounded Warriors next beach season by donating found coins while metal detecting with LMS.. Read more here on WWP Beach Hunting dates and guidelines.
Summer of 2017 has no doubt been one of the best beach hunting seasons for us ever with some very nice gold and silver finds!  Mike and Barry combined total with just over 140 lost ring finds alone. Congratulations fellas!.

Relic Hunting Season is in full swing for the folks up north, but here in SC we are off to a late start this year due to the temperatures staying way above normal. Hopefully we can get out soon and start enjoying some nice relic finds. We're geared up and ready to go!

Please remember to follow the metal detecting code of ethics. It's not only respectful to fill-in your holes on the beach, in some areas it's the law punishable by a large fine. Check out our tips section for other valuable tips!  See ya on the beach… Happy Hunting from Mike, Scott, Brian, Tim and Barry!