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We're looking forward to some cooler weather and this early 1900's (caved in) log cabin site in North Carolina this September.
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   "Heck yeah, I love finding gold! This wasn't an extraordinary rare find...  its just the fact that this ring looked like a large gold nugget when I first seen it in my sand scoop that really got my attention. That's something you just don't find on the beach. But hey you just never know what the next target will be!"  Happy Hunting - Barry.
Find Of The Month Barry Stephenson
There are many Relic Hunting permission requests still pending approval. So if you're here checking us out because we have contacted you, thank you for taking the time to research us, we hope you'll offer us the opportunity to get to know you better while continuing to enjoy the rewarding hobby of metal detecting.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We also offer all land owners a completed legal waiver and release of liability while allowing us on your property. It's our goal to respect your requirements and the property you own.
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Register for WWP Beach Hunting Summer 2018
The 2017 WWP Summer Beach Hunts have been rescheduled for next year due to legal delays. Apparently it takes much longer than we originally thought to legally host something like this. If you have already signed up to join in this year's hunts then you will still be notified of the extended scheduled dates in the upcoming 2018 season. WWP Beach Hunts are scheduled to begin on June 21, 2018 and will continue through summer ending on September 22, 2018. Register to help our Wounded Warriors next beach season by donating found coins while metal detecting with LMS.. Read more here on WWP Beach Hunting dates and guidelines.
Summer is here and that means it's time for Beach Hunting! Low tide beach hunts of popular tourist areas will be the hot spots for every new and experienced beach metal detectorist in the area for sure. We'll certainly be out finding our fair share of pull tabs and bottle tops too.

Of course we haven't forgotten our relic roots, we're just taking in some summer fun while finding some lost silver and gold! Regular relic hunts are still being scheduled, although some locations will be on hold until fall when the weather cools back down.

Please remember to follow the metal detecting code of ethics. It's not only respectful to fill-in your holes on the beach, in some areas it's the law punishable by a large fine. Check out our tips section for other valuable tips!  See ya on the beach… Happy Hunting from Mike, Scott, Brian, Tim and Barry!